Friday, June 24, 2011

an introduction

thank you so much for stopping on over to my new little blog. i decided to make this blog as an outlet for me to share my insecurities, my struggles, my past experiences, and the new life i am trying to create after being plagued with low self esteem and eating disorders my whole life. i wrote out my story on a tab at the top of the blog sharing the secret i had kept for many years and never planned on telling. there you can read about some of the things i tried to do to feel good about myself and the different roads i took to feel beautiful. the idea of having it out there for the world to see is terrifying and makes me nauseous to an extent but i know that there is no reason to keep it hidden any longer. after years and years of shame and guilt i decided a few months ago to share my secret with my lifelong best friend. she encouraged me to make a diary or blog about all my past experiences and share them with others who might have or might be going through some of the same struggles.

so here i am.

this blog is designed to help me cope with a battle i have been fighting for as long as i can remember and for me to share inspirations and encouragements i have found along the way. i would also like to use this blog to write out any struggles i might be suffering through and have this as an outlet and accountability partner to keep me from ever going back down the road i was on.

lastly, i hope you will stay for a while. take off a load and if you feel it, share with me some of the insecurities and doubts you have felt. i know whats its like to hate yourself. i know what its like to not look in a mirror for days because the person you see is a monster. i know what its like to hurt and weep. i know the pain. and though i might not know the answer or cure i know that those places are evil and will destroy the beautiful and wonderful person that you were made me be.

i pray that any of you hurting and struggling find peace and that one day you will be free of the chains that bind you. have a wonderful day my dears and remember: if God wanted to you to be different, He would have made you that way.


  1. there's nothing else i can say about this except...

    it's absolutely perfect. i am so proud of you.

  2. Katie,
    I sat down to read your blog and your story with a massive tub of double fudge brownie ice cream in my hand and a spoon in the other. i absolutely feel you girl, and i am so So SO encouraged by your heartfelt words. i cried, nodded, and said "me too" to my computer screen as i read this. thank you for being so brave to share all this. you worded everything so well. you're a phenomenal writer - you write with such depth and emotion. i felt everything right along with you.

    i totally believe in you! you CAN be healthy and love the you God created you to be. you've uplifted me greatly katie. thank you so much.

    (P.S. Sweetie, do you prefer Kate or Katie? I knew you as Katie back in the day, but if you prefer Kate I have no problem calling you Kate instead. ^_^ )

  3. your honesty is beautiful and your heart truly shows through. bravo to you, my sweet friend, for opening up this blog that i just know is going to touch SO MANY lives and encourage so many struggling hearts. have a beautiful, blessed week.