Tuesday, May 8, 2012

i need your help.

i have talked a lot on the subject of beauty throughout one size fits most. ive shared my struggles with self esteem and never feeling like i was quite pretty enough. i talked about times when i felt completely beautiful and other times when i absolutely hated everything about myself. i realized recently though that the way i see beauty is completely different than the way others see beauty. and it got me thinking about how each and every person defines beauty.

so i decided to ask:
how do you define beauty?
or when do you feel the most beautiful?

for girls: is it a feeling? something you can create? is it a certain outfit you wear? or the way that someone looks at you?

for guys: is it the way a woman carries herself? is it all physical? is it different for each woman?

you tell me.
comment on the blog.
message me on facebook.
send me an email.

tell me what makes you feel the most radiantly beautiful. or what makes a woman beautiful to you.
i am excited to see what you all think.


  1. from Josh

    I think there's two types of beauty I think of, physical and inner, yet the physical is more dependent on the inner than vice versa. I've seen women whom people would say they're beautiful but looking into their eyes they lack anything beyond their skin deep glimmer. Conversely I've seen women who are attractive for their inner peace with God and don't get their self worth from others.

    Maybe that's a theme, an inner connection with God that goes beyond needing acceptance of others. Of course everyone needs people, but I'm especially referring to putting your own self worth on the whim of others. Desperation is unattractive, excessive flirtation drives away.

    While I could probably go on for a while, I suppose this is partially what I consider attractive, maybe beauty is or isn't the right word... Secure connection with God that gives peace which transcends situations, intelligent, sense of humor, physical attractiveness, artistic sense of style, simplicity with depth, curiosity, ability to listen as well as hold a conversation.

    Yet a woman shouldn't determine her beauty on some guy's list. Feeling beautiful is a decision. Decide to feel beautiful. Decide that you ARE beautiful. When you know you are beautiful, other people will start to believe you too, but even if they say you are, don't believe them because they said it. Believe it because you are basing it on something deeper. People may change their minds back and forth, but don't change yours.

  2. ^ that comment? wow. amazing. there's an amazing man with depth and a good heart.

    how do i define beauty? if i'm being honest, it depends on the influence of the day--if i'm looking at a beautiful woman on the outside or if i'm seeing a woman's spirit. but i think true beauty is something pure, something everlasting. something that shows the heart of God and who He is. something soft, yet unbreakable. that's how i define it on a good day. on a bad day, i might define it as an impossibility. something to live up to that i fail at every single day. something i will never truly achieve. something that i feel in my heart, but seems just out of reach for my exterior. on bad days, i wish people would see my heart, instead of my body, because then maybe they would find beauty there.

    when do i feel most beautiful?
    when i'm in a favorite pair of jeans or a form-fitting evening dress (i found one recently that make me feel stunning). some days it's when my make-up is perfectly done and some days it's when i have on no make-up at all. i feel beautiful in nature, in the mountains. i feel beautiful when i'm laughing. or when i'm comfortable--at the kitchen counter with my mom or at a bonfire with best friends (even if i have mud caked in my hair). when there's no one to impress, no one to compete with. i feel beautiful in the morning. with my hair down. when i'm listening to country music. i feel beautiful when ethan looks at me. i feel beautiful when i notice the little romantic gifts God has given me. i feel beautiful when i wear a sundress on warm days. or when the rain sprinkles on my face on overcast ones. i feel so beautiful when i hear a romantic song and i realize that God is pursuing my heart. but i think i feel the most beautiful when i'm the most true to my heart. when i realize that the mountains are my home, instead of the ocean and that i prefer country bars to fancy lounges. when i jump into a body of water, forsaking the worry that my make-up is going to be smeared. when i'm on an adventure. when i'm playing like a child. when i'm looking at the stars. when i can look in the mirror and realize that just because the world says my body isn't perfect doesn't mean that it's true.

    this list was way longer than i thought it would be. but i think you should make your own, my dear. you might realize all the ways you feel beautiful that you didn't even realize<3

  3. This post made me sit and think for a minute. After reading your post, and charla's comment..I think I need to sit down and make a list. I don't know how exactly I define beauty. I know how the world defines beauty and I know how I SHOULD define beauty. But what is it to me?

    I don't really know. I don't feel beautiful lately, and I want to. I want to take the time to notice all the ways I feel beautiful and should feel beautiful. I think any and every girl should do so too :)

    I'm feeling SO blessed and inspired by your posts tonight sweet girl.

    Thank you for your REAL, so real words. Thank you for sharing the things that probably hurt most to say, and talk about. They're cutting deep with me and I admire you on so many levels. God has blessed you with a gift, a gift that so many want. I want to say exactly what you say but don't know how sometimes.

    I just love you Kate!