Wednesday, June 6, 2012


monday was a good day for me.
in fact, i delcared it would be good.
and for the most part: it was.

i woke up in a good mood. i got to work on time and even had time to make something for breakfast. although the day seemed to drag on for an eternity, when i got home from work i changed into my new work out clothes and took off to the park to start my new walking/jogging routine. i listened to music and walked around the park that was filled with dog walkers, joggers, and disk golfers. i traveled over little bridges and under beautiful shady trees. i ate healthy all day, drank way over my eight glasses of water, and though the florida air was making my breaths harder to take in- i felt amazing.

another thing i decided to start this week is to try to go a whole entire week without wearing a pair of spanx, or a sucker-inner (that's usually what i call it.) i feel confined and trapped and i realized that i preach about loving your natural body but i squish mine down with spandex every chance i get. so this week i decided to be sucker-inner free.

take that spandex

but i digress.

after eating a little dinner i made my way up to meet some people for monday night bible study. i hadn't had any caffeine all day and was dragging so i decided to get some black tea to sip on during study. i am a regular at the starbucks we have bible study at and see them all on a weekly basis. one of the girls behind the counter took my order and as i was paying she asked me a strange question.

"are you uncomfortable?"

it definitely took me a second to process what she asked. all i could think of is that it was such a weird question to ask someone. i mean, ive seen her there before but i wouldn't consider her a friend or someone i talk to other than the here and there chatting. i don't even know her name so why is she asking if im uncomfortable?

so i responded, "uncomfortable? what do you mean?"

and then she said the unthinkable.

"oh, aren't you pregnant?"

as in with child?

i tried to play it cool and not embarrass her and said, "oh no im not. sorry."

i could tell she realized her mistake and tried to play it off swearing it was me or maybe one of my other friends. i pretended one of my other friends was pregnant and said that we look alike so its hard to tell and laughed through it all. i didn't want to make her feel bad.

i should have said, "well now i am uncomfortable." but i didn't want to make the situation worse. i smiled, laughed, and apologized for the confusion.

it wasn't until i sat down that it truly hit me. why on earth was i the one who apologized? why was i trying to not embarrass her? why were my concerns on her feelings when she didn't even consider mine before she opened her mouth? she is the one who mortified me and said the one thing you never, ever, ever say to a woman unless you have attended her baby shower, seen the sonogram, and physically felt the baby kick. if none of those things happen you NEVER ask a woman if shes pregnant. even if she looks 10 months pregnant.

my first thought was to leave. flee. run as far away as i could. but my bible was already at the table and there was no way to make a quick escape. my second thought was, "why didn't i wear my stupid spanx?"

the next few hours all i felt was embarrassment. i kept looking down at my non-pregnant belly and wishing i could crawl in a hole somewhere. my mind starting racing at the ideas of all the things that i could use to patch up this hole that got punched right in my stomach.

but i had to tell myself no.
no i wont let you go on a binge and ruin everything good in this day because someone said something stupid. no i wont let you self sabotage and self medicate. no.

and you know what?
i listened to myself.
and instead of going home and stuffing my face with everything i could find i went over to a friends house. and we walked down the dock and hung our feet over the edge and i tossed all those thoughts into the sea under a full bright moon.

there will always be stupid people who come your way. there will always be a billboard, magazine, and tv show that makes you feel less than worthy. there will always be "that something" for you. but its the moments after that matter. its the do or die. its what you do when you think no one else is watching. when every lie you hear starts to taste bitter instead of like a sweet escape. when you have every option to break but you chose to hold yourself together. even just one last time.

i may bend.
i may scar.
but i will not break.
never, ever again.


  1. Amazing! Im really glad you stuck to your plan for the day. im sorry for what that Starbucks girl said. Keep motivated. Its so hard to accept your own body especially with the media and culture we live in. congrats on not wearing the spanx!!!! Keep up the good work. Results will come and it will be so with out.

  2. you amaze me my friend. you handled yourself with such grace and beauty. how inconsiderate of her to assume and then ask such an unnecessary question!

    i've been having trouble with the way i eat lately, and the amount of activity i'm NOT doing (ha) and your post really inspired me to take it a week at a time.

    i love you my sweet friend. thank you for sharing your heart with us :)

  3. Wow, i'm glad you were able to talk yourself out of a bad mental space. I would never ask someone if they were pregnant if i didn't know them! That is nuts!
    I'm glad you didnt allow her to steal your joy though

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