Tuesday, October 11, 2011


tonight was exactly what i needed
after an emotionally and physically stressful weekend i let loose a little
i rolled the windows all the way down
and let the cool october air blow through my hair
i cranked up the newest song to woo and romance my heart
and sang along with every lyric
maybe a little too loud

i let my hand play in the wind outside
and felt myself be free under the gorgeous full moon
i didn't care what the people around me were thinking
or what the guys next to me were laughing at
i didn't drive down the streets that make me hurt
i didn't think of how i looked
or what i was wearing
who would be judging me
or where i was going next
i didn't think at all
i just drove

and all i cared about was the breeze on my face and the song in my ears
consuming me
making me lovely under the moonlight
i was simply me
and wonderfully happy

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